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The 6 Steps to 6 Figures


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Starting a business is usually filled with a lot of uncertainties on whether or not you will succeed. This feeling is very common and highly relateable amongst many professionals in the beauty business. Our 6 Steps to 6 Figures guide is focused on giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to launch your business and/or take it to the next level. Get access to a detailed and concise road map to starting, sustaining and succeeding in your own beauty business in no time.


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We are a growing online and offline coaching platform focused on giving the new, fresh artist in the Beauty Industry a trusted platform to succeed. We offer mentoring, training, accountability, and membership opportunities to creatives like you and ensure that you have all the tools needed to thrive as a professional entrepreneur in a saturated industry. With our priority being mostly individuals who have a 0-5-year presence in the industry, we provide the necessary tools, guidance, and support to help you navigate, expand and grow your business to greater heights.


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"Hello, My name is Desiree Lungelow and I had the pleasure of working with Sharron at The Abyss Salon, Chicago. Sharron was a master stylist and salon owner. I worked as the salon’s assistant (specifically to Sharron) and a growing stylist. Prior to my working with Sharron, I was an aspiring, general hair stylist with a keen desire to deliver perfection; that said, I had a tendency to focus much on the details of my projects, yet with an expectation to know and learn everything at once. This was causing a great disservice to my success. Working with Sharron, I learned dedication and practical application are what creates efficiency and perfection. Most of all, I learned that if the gift is within you, success is inevitable when applying the tools above. This has proved to be true in both my professional, and personal experience. Since working with Sharron, her coaching has really enabled me to have a greater patience for myself, and an overall understanding of the process of success. Viewing Sharron as a business owner, has given me greater confidence and inspiration to move towards my own entrepreneurial endeavors. With that, I am ever thankful for having Sharron as coach, role model, and friend."

Desiree Lungelow
Salon Assistant/Hairstylist

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6 Steps to 6 Figures

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The 6 Steps to 6 Figures for Beauty Industry Business Success

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