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My Path

After graduating college and working for one year I decided to follow my life long dreeam of becoming a Salon Professional.

I’ve spent 26 years as a hairdresser working first on commission stylists for the first 3 years of my career. I became an Licensed Instructor after the first two years of being in the industry. I was assigned to  develop/teach/manage a Continuing Education Department at Dudley Beauty College/Chicago.

I experienced running my own chair in salons for 7 years before eventually opening my own salon in Chicago’s South Loop (an area that folks told me was too expensive). I owned that salon for 13 years with my husband and partner.

My Purpose

My Purpose or WHY for launching my emerging platform is to provide a real opportunity for the salon professional to have a vehicle that provides a higher level of support so that they can 'WIN BIG' in life and business without trying to figure it out alone.

 I was given 'the assignment' to fulfill my life purpose in supporting salon professionals that are willing to be coachable, proactive, and ready to develop a more improved mindset in all aspects of their life and business.

Our business model will successfully bring together like minded individuals who connect with one another in a professional online environment, collaborate on business and practical strategies for success and create professional friendships that will last a lifetime.



I am Sharron Miles Gilty

Mom, wife, daughter, multifaceted entrepreneur, lover of fashion & people.

I love working with The Salon Professional who:

  • Needs more direction and  accountability coaching to provide them with actionable solutions when breaking into a thriving but saturated market.
  • Needs a unique and creative perspective to help them determine and prioritize clear and concise goals. 
  • Are hungry to learn, grow and have the inspired motivation to create the business you've always dreamed of. 
  • Are skillfully and naturally talented but not certain on the direction and clarity of your business game plan.
  • Finds yourself frustrated from the lack of clientele and on the verge of looking for a job or wanting to quit before your success begins.
  • Want to avoid getting burnt out early on in your career or even wanting to give up on your dreams and goals before becoming the business owner you are capable and called to become.

 I am so excited to bring my dream and goal to life and give you the tools to help you stay motivated, inspired and excited about your career!

I will also give you simple solutions to create a personalized formula to build your business success on your terms, have fun, enjoy your life, and completely feel good about the entire process.  



"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." 
Steve Jobs

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