The Stylist Success Lounge

Are you a Salon Professional who is ready to:

  • STOP trying to figure out your business success on your own.
  • Make your business more profitable.
  • Create more success in a professional space of other like-minded individuals with similar dreams and goals.
  • Make your business more sustainable. 
  • Learn how to further create a deeper level of success in your business, mindset, and lifestyle so that you stand out 

Throughout my journey I've seen and felt the frustration of you not earning the money you desire. And I've seen you trying to release the typical 'stylist time crunch' of clients being overbooked, working longer hours just to earn more money.  Being overworked without accomplishing your goals and not taking time out to vacation and enjoy your loved ones is no fun!

It's time that you create the business that sets you apart and live the lifestyle that you desire and deserve

This is why I've created a space for me to share my passion and for you to experience a fun but creative business coaching experience.  My extensive skills and knowledge will provide you with a new mindset for your salon experience and a more sustainable work/life balance.



"Since working with Sharron, her coaching has really enabled me to have a greater patience for myself, and an overall understanding of the process of success. Viewing Sharron as a business owner, has given me greater confidence and inspiration to move towards my own entrepreneurial endeavors. With that, I am ever thankful for having Sharron as coach, role model, and friend."

Desiree Lungelow, Hairstylists, The Aveda School of Cosmetology

The Stylist Success Lounge

Is a Business, Mindset, and Lifestyle Society for The Salon Professional.

This action filled community for The Salon Professional will give you access to:

 Stylist Success Business Accountability Coaching that will give you the support you need to thrive in your everyday success.

  Monthly Live Stylist Success Trainings/Q & A sessions on topics not limited to online/offline marketing, time management, client attraction, etc. 

 Access to my Stylist Success Pricing Structure so that you can create more confidence in your pricing and charge sufficiently. 

 An opportunity to connect~collab~create with like-minded salon professionals 

 Take ACTION assignments that will support you with client attraction, creating an ultimate salon experience, etc.

 Access to my Stylist Success Work/Life Balance Formula so that you can create your own Personalized Roadmap to Six Figure Success without being overworked 

Goal Setting Trainings for Stylist Success that will keep you inspired and motivated so that you can achieve your goals easier and faster.



 Bi-monthly Fun and Creative Hair Styling Photo Competitions and Access to constructive feedback from experts and members

 Stylist Success Mindset/Mastermind Trainings that will provide an entirely new way of thinking and leveling up your process of success in business and life (including personal development reading)

  Industry ICONS who will provide Expert Trainings business and lifestyle topics to help you grow your business.  (PLUS Bonus Opportunities for ProACTIVE Members within the Group to do LIVE Trainings on various topics.)

 Opportunities to Upgrade to One on One Coaching Services

  Access to a Certified Style Coach™ for tips on Creatively dressing for Salon Success inside and outside of the workplace.

The Stylist Success Lounge is a professionally organized  community that will provide you with access to these major benefits that will help you create a concrete foundation for more success and longevity in the salon industry. 

"My name is Steffanie Tulk. I am a hair professional by trade and specialize in color. I have been in the industry since 2010. I met Sharron in our salon suite building and we clicked instantly. Her Coaching/Mentoring and The Beauty Artist Institute has helped me organize and prioritize my business goals and put my visions into actions. Sharron is very motivational and has even contributed to my side photo projects."

Hairstylist/Photo Content Creator

I am Sharron Gilty, a Salon Professional with 25+ years in the salon industry as a salon owner, cosmetology instructor, coach and mentor to tons of individuals just like you.

When I first started out in the industry I was a recent college grad with a Business Administration degree but still found the desire to create my salon success by doing things differently. And yes...figuring it out alone was challenging but I made it creative and fun even without access to the internet!  

This is why I'm creating a space for salon professionals to achieve the results needed to take their businesses to the next level. The Stylist Success Lounge will create a journey to success that offers the salon professional the ability to get results in a space where there is trusted and convenient access to business, mindset, lifestyle and accountability coaching.

Take Your Next Action Steps Toward Salon Industry Success

Let us help you shift from competing to creating a lifelong business, mindset, and lifestyle from a passion that you love, others admire, and gives you the power to not only dream but experience in real life.




Accountability Coaching

Expert Training

+All The Benefits Listed Above





Best Value


ANNUAL ($50 savings)

Accountability Coaching

Expert Training

+All The Benefits Listed Above

BONUS - 30 Minute Business Coaching Session




"I met Mrs. Sharron about 5 years ago! I was a client first and it was the best referral ever...The Abyss Salon. I knew she was different when I booked on her cute website. She had great reviews and I honestly couldn’t wait to get there. Sharron was such a professional and classy woman. She definitely looked the part!  My appointment was 8:30 and at 8:35  I was at the bowl. She was full of knowledge and knew exactly what I needed. She had no idea I was contemplating becoming a stylist myself. I watched her at each appointment. Watching her interactions with the other ladies and how diligent she was with time was exciting. Fast forward to school and getting my license she was there for me every step of way. Whether it was color formulas or advice on styling, she shared with me either way. As successful as she is, she was always available as a reference and true mentor."

STACI CHANEL, Paul Mitchell THE SCHOOL, Chicago


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